Sustainable Services with Summit Waste and Recycling

We have developed a program with a local waste hauler, Summit, to improve our access to waste management services in Applewood. By partnering with Summit, we will decrease trash truck traffic and improve our access to recycling and curbside compost services. We can also take advantage of group pricing and innovative “pay as you throw” approaches that help divert waste from landfills into more sustainable recycling and compost streams. Read on for more information!

***See map at the bottom of the page for current program boundaries

Interested in learning more, or have questions before signing up? Keep reading for more details and contact Summit with any questions:

Our pricing packages are included below – “Green” packages have more frequent recycling pick up and “Standard” packages have more frequent trash pick up. “Pay as you throw” allows participants to only pay for trash when needed – the more you recycle or compost, the more you save money and our environment! To take advantage of best pricing, residents must sign up for both recycling and trash, and can add compost services if desired.

Keep in mind, these rates for compost include up to 64 gallons of compostable yard waste and food scraps weekly, with a share of compost for your yard or garden twice yearly! Compared to other services available in this area, these options are much higher volume – consider sharing a service between you and your neighbors!!

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Keep reading for more details about our rates and recycling details…

Please note: Green package options (weekly recycling) will become available when enough customers are available to make the weekly routes feasible for Summit – make sure you mention your interest at sign up!!

What can I recycle with the Summit program??

What is NOT allowed in their recycling stream??

***Please see the map below for program coverage area. At this time, program participation is limited to the area in yellow.

Close to our area but outside our boundaries?? Summit has shared that they will work on expanding services to nearby residents once we reach a sufficient number of enrolled customers – if you are interested, sign up below, and encourage all your friends and family within our boundaries to sign up ASAP!