2nd Annual Chalk Art Extravaganza!!

It’s time for you or your child (or *your* inner child) create something
fun, beautiful, magical, or……whatever you want!!

Art that is for Applewood + by Applewood.

September 18th – 26th, 2021

WHO: All Applewood residents!  No matter your age or your skill level, we hope you join us in this fun event!

WHAT: Chalk designs on your sidewalk, driveway, or street!!  Draw your favorite animals, flowers, inspirational quotes, or superheroes.  The sky’s the limit!

WHEN: This weekend through next weekend.  So, September 18th through September 26th.  Of course, check the rain forecast and plan accordingly.

If you’re planning on participating, be sure to add your art to our Applewood Chalk Art map! 

Submit your art to our map via this link.

Then, visit this map link later in the week so you can see all of the spots where art is located in our neighborhood!  This makes for a fun car ride, bike ride, or walk around the neighborhood!