Sustainable Applewood

neighbors who care loads about our
land + air + energy + people + water

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About Sustainable Applewood

Our projects

We create projects we believe will make a difference. We are known for hosting community-centric events like our free seed share, paint recycling drive, winter clothing donation drive, bike parade, bike-to-work station, and beekeeping and gardening classes.

Stober Community Garden

In partnership with the school, the Stober PTA, our Applewood Valley Association, and Denver Urban Gardens, we are proud of our community garden at Stober Elementary. This is for our students, our neighborhood, and our earth.

Want to get involved?

We love new ideas! Contact us and join a meeting. Even if you just want to listen in and learn about our process, we welcome you to be with us. All meetings are held remotely at this time.

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffet

Sustainable Applewood

A neighbor-led program with
the support of the City of Lakewood.

Do you have questions about our projects or want to join us? Or, is there one particular project that interests you? Please reach out or consider joining a future planning meeting.

All are welcome.