Bee Safe Yard Sign

We will be handing out free Bee Safe signs during our spring Seed Share events.
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All Applewood residents to commit to the Bee-Safe Pledge for their home will receive a free Bee-Safe Yard Sign.

The Bee-Safe Pledge

As bees are endangered by the use of neonicotinoids and systemics in the environment and I am aware of these dangers, I pledge to help in the efforts to limit or eradicate these poisons by adhering to the level or levels of care described below: 

Level 1: I will not use any insecticide products that contain neonicotinoids or systemics. 

Level 2: I will not use any products outdoors that contain poisons. 

Level 3: If I am not using any poisons at all, I will also plant plants that will provide bees with the nectar and pollen they need during the spring & summer.

When choosing to sign the pledge, you choose which level you feel comfortable committing to for your home.

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