Spring Cleanup – Do Nothing!

Do you know what your most important Spring Garden job is from now until Mid-April?
And boy, is that hard!

Xerces Society offers these “tips” to gauge when it’s time to reach for those rakes this Spring:

  • Have you put away your winter coats and boots and snow shovels? No? Then the bees still need shelter!
  • Have you filed your taxes? No? Then many bees are still sleeping!
  • Are you mowing your lawn? Nope, then the ground temp is still under 50-degrees and the bees are hiding!
  • Have the fruit trees finished blossoming? Yes, some bees are out pollinating, but others stay nestled in your ground for a few more weeks!

This is not an exact science but gives you some ideas of when to start Spring clean-up.

And also to note, it’s ok to gently move leaves away from early perennials that are greening up and remove mats of leaves over bulbs, etc. But resist the temptation to toss these leaves!