Jefferson County Libraries Embrace Sustainability: A Goodbye to Paperbacks

Lakewood Library is a part of Jeffco’s Sustainability Efforts
to remove all books and embrace e-readers only.

Books, schmooks, who needs them? Let’s get rid of them and go green……

…Um, gotcha? 🙂

No worries, dear Applewood! Our library is just pulling your leg. Absolutely, positively no way are books leaving our library. We just wanted to help them with some April Fools’ Day fun.

However, in honor of I Love Applewood Day on April 11th (get your free tix here for our fun day of free prizes and neighborhood pride), our beloved, local Lakewood Library is offering a special giveaway JUST TO APPLEWOOD RESIDENTS!

Be among the first 10 Applewood residents to visit Lakewood Library on Sunday, April 11th and get a special gift!

On Sunday, April 11th (I Love Applewood Day), let the librarian know, “I’m here for Applewood Day, and I did/didn’t fall for the April Fools’ Day joke,” and get a special gift of an Xcel Energy sustainability kit! Each sustainability kit will contain 10 LED lightbulbs and a portable solar phone charger (pictured). Once installed, in addition to saving energy, this kit is estimated to save households around $21 annually on energy bills.

Jeffco Public Library does indeed love e-books, so check out their selection! However, library books aren’t going anywhere and they’re a wonderful way of supporting sustainability, the sharing of knowledge, and an ever-growing community of curious, imaginative readers.